Mold is a common issue in the Southeastern United States. This is caused by moisture within a commercial or residential structure. Another inhabitant within these states is high humidity.  When mold is detected, it is important to call a professionally certified company to assess the type of mold and remove it from the business or home.

Some people will develop health symptoms which can impact their ability to breathe or cause shortness of breath. Some additional symptoms can be noticed such as nasal stuffiness, skin and eye irritation, coughing or wheezing.

Exposure to certain types of molds can cause serious lung problems. When mold is detected, the business or home owner should not try to remove it with bleach and water. This is a short term visible fix, but it does not kill the mold where it originates. Calling your Master Clean restoration specialists will allow our trained professionals to assess the situation and provide an action plan to the business or home owner.

Mold may grow behind sheetrock, within the walls, behind the cabinets and other interior or exterior locations where moisture is present. Mold remediation, in Birmingham, Huntsville, Gadsden, Anniston and other cities in Alabama, requires not only the identification of the mold, but also the expertise and technological equipment to handle the commercial or residential job. When the mold is identified and the spores contained, our drying techniques will eliminate future growth within the structure. Our state of the art moisture detection equipment will allow our technicians to inform the business or home owner of the location where the moisture is present and to make suggestions on preventing mold problems in the future.

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