Enhance the life of your carpet

Have you ever been told that there is a warranty of 5-10 years on your carpet? Do you know what your responsibilities are as a home or business owner to maintain the carpet? These things are a necessity to keep the warranty intact.

Most warranty’s stipulate that a certified carpet cleaning specialists has to clean the carpet once or twice a year. As a business or homeowner, it is a necessity on keeping your carpet looking new. The first thing to do, is ensure that you vacuum the carpet at least once or twice a week. This lifts the soiled particles out of the carpet and keeps it from cutting the carpet fibers. It is important that you take different angles over the high traffic or foot areas to ensure that most particles are picked up.

If there are stains in the carpet, you will need to look at stain retardents to apply to the type of fiber in your carpet. If there are odors associated with the stains, you can add an enzyme that will counter the odor.

If you need assistance, feel free to contact one of our certified personnel at Master Clean @ 877-231-0038 or 256-439-2545.



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