Job Safety Tips

Master Clean is more than a service company. While we provide an array of services to our residential and commercial customers, our main focus is provding an “excellent customer experience” and ensuring everyone is adhering to all safety standards on jobs.

Whether you are using our company to conduct work at your home or business or doing it yourself; stop and assess the situation prior to starting the task. If you are using power equipment outside, check the surroundings for debris where you will be working. If a lawnmower blade hits a rock, sticks or other objects, the projectile can be carry a long ways based on blade speed and torque of the equipment. This could severly injure a child or adult, or damage a vehicle or dwelling. Make sure that you have the proper safety gear (safety glasses, leg protectors and gloves) when using a weed trimmer. There are numerous eye injuries documented yearly attributed to this type of work.

If you are using large power equipment such as pressure washers, check the fluids prior to using the equipment. pre-inspection of the hose and wand are vital to ensure that there are no leaks (if unit has a heat burner). This will prevent an individual from being burned when while cleaning the concrete or building. Proper eye protection should be worn at all times when using a pressure washer. This will prevent the cleaning solution or other debris from damaging your eyes.

In the event that you have questions on any cleaning solution for you home or business, please contact your Master Clean representative @ 877-231-0038.



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    I hope people take your advice on using the proper protection to prevent themselves from injury or harm. There are more than 1,000 eye injuries a day and only about 16% of those are from the workplace. This leads me to believe that a vast majority of these are from people who are doing DIY projects at home. Sometimes I ask people why they do not use eye protection or safety gear when they do work at home. Their response is ” I can’t afford it” or “I can’t see out of the glasses’. Well my question to them is can you afford to live with an injury or afford not to be able to see. Homeowners need to make sure they are using the proper protection while working on projects or they need to just leave it to the professionals like you.

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