Pressure Washing your home

When pressure washing your home, be sure to review the area and determine if any plant(s) will be harmed with cleaners or other chemicals. If gutters are present, make sure to clean them out prior to conducting the exterior washing. This will prevent any overflow or backsplashing of debris on the home or structure. There are various types of cleaners that can be bought on the market. One of the best cleaners is a self mixture of “Joy” and deluted “Bleach”. By placing a detergent in with the bleach, the mixture will attach to the gutters or other surfaces.

Make sure to use ”eye” protection and gloves prior to any spraying. The bleach can cause damage to the skin or eyes if the mist blows back onto you while applying it to the structure. Clothing could also be damaged, so be careful on the amount of bleach used. After applying the joy/bleach mixture, make sure to brush the surface briskly to remove any debris. Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer and repeat as necessary.

Make sure to execute safety in everything you do. If it is a multi-level building or home, it may be necessary to utilize a lift of scaffold to reach the affected areas. If you do not have the equipment to handle the job, call  Master Clean @ 877-231-0038. We are a licensed, insured and bonded company.

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Wood and Concrete Deck and Patio Cleaning techniques

When reviewing your wooden or concrete deck or patio, carefully check it for wood  rotting, loose bricks or cracked concrete. Any issue needs to be resolved prior any direct pressure cleaning.  What is causing the discoloration? Are gutters overflowing or down spouts running onto the deck or patio? Some additional issues could be caused by permenant plants being placed in one area and never moved. Extract all obstacles on the deck or patio. You can attempt to use direct high pressure to remove mold and other residue. Be cautious when utilzing high pressure to keep from damaging or cutting into the wood or knocking pieces out of the concrete. If this is not removing the stains, you can add a deck cleaning solution or concrete solution  that can be bought at a local convenience store. After applying the solution, you can utilize the pressure washing techniques again to remove the stains and take this back to a neutral color. Allow the deck or patio  to dry thoroughly prior to adding any type of sealer.

If you are not comfortable with doing this yourself, feel free to contact us at Master Clean @ 877-231-0038 for a free quote. Our state of the art high pressure washer can heat the water to 300 degrees and restore wood or concrete surfaces back to normal.

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